Welcome To Lotus Security Solutions

Lotus Security Solutions is a principal international provider, distributor and integrator of multiple biometric recognition systems and biometric devices. The company's offerings comprise industry leading biometric software progress tools, fingerprint scanners and other biometric sensors. Lotus Security Solutions also provides convention addition and biometric software development services for all types of self management applications such as fingerprint scanners and access control systems. Lotus Security Solutions sole business concern is assisting enterprises and government agencies alike with the selection, integration and deployment of biometrics solutions.


  • Biometric machines

    Lotus Security Solutions offers you the wide range of Biometric machines and system which will able to fulfill every requirment biometric attendance system.

  • I Face Readers

    IFACE is the most advance series of access control system and time attenadnce system where face is the core element to access or record.

  • Card & Fingerprint Readers

    Under RF ID Card reader section we offer you the spectacular choice of RFID card reders and fingerprint Readers which will facilitates with desire specifications.

Lotus Security Solutions technology offerings are ranked between the highest performing biometric recognition systems offered wherever in the world. Lotus Security Solutions has sold software tools, related hardware peripherals and custom software expansion in more than 60 countries since it's incorporation. Our customer support includes small place software expansion houses, large commercial enterprises and government agencies including military, border control and law enforcement. The tools provided by Lotus Security Solutions to its partners and customers have been successfully used in the development of solutions.

Lotus Security Solutions offers biometric software development tools which are suitable for process with small embedded systems, network servers, personal computers and high speed parallel processing platforms able of processing millions of matches per second. If your organization is considering adoption of a biometric permit solution, contact us for a free consultation.